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Sarah Brocklehurst Productions (SBP) is a UK-based Film and TV production company founded by BAFTA-nominated producer Sarah Brocklehurst.

SBP has a passion for storytelling and working with exceptional talent to create bold and distinctive work which will inspire and entertain audiences.

With successes across micro-budget and international co-production as lead producer, SBP has a track record of being tenacious and resourceful in raising finance and overcoming challenges to production – always with a commitment to supporting creative vision.

SBP was selected as one of the UK’s top emerging production companies in Screen Daily’s Brit 50 list, and received a BFI Vision Award to support the company’s ambitious development slate.

“This melancholy, bleakly funny black comedy, about a bickering family plunged into notoriety by an act of kindness, has a dexterity and formal sophistication that belie its microbudget and its status as a début film.”

- Sight & Sound on BLACK POND

“Emma Jane Unsworth creates a world complex enough that in the echoes of our laughter are also relatability, wistfulness, even hope”

- The Guardian on ADULTS (novel)

“Animals is a passionately performed film about women baring their flaws and still being not just likeable but loveable.”

- Empire on ANIMALS

“Untamed female friendship drama is a Sundance Triumph”

- The Guardian on ANIMALS


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